Lyntin is a mature multi-platform multi-user-interface mud client written entirely in Python. It's also a framework on top of which you can code additional functionality to suit your needs.

Refer to our FAQ for more details about what Lyntin is, whether you should be interested, what it can do for you, what you can do with it, and answers to other common questions.

Current version: 4.2 (released 10 January, 2008)

Bugs, feature requests, comments, criticisms and such that are not answered in the FAQ should be sent to the lyntin-devl mailing list--details on the contact us page.


Friday, 11 Jan 2008

Lyntin 4.2

This release updates the license to GPL v3 (or later), adds some functionality that people have checked into CVS over the last four years and has some bug fixes.

It's definitely worth upgrading to if you're still using Lyntin.

Available from

It's also available via easy_install Lyntin.

This is the last release I'll be involved in. If anyone is interested in taking up the Lyntin torch, let me know.


posted on Friday, 11 Jan 2008 00:31 UTC

Monday, 09 Jul 2007

Updated wiki!

Gah! Our wiki had been broken for probably a couple of years. We really apologize for that.

SourceForge added a wiki system. I moved all the previous wiki content to the new wiki system and updated all the links on the web-site.


posted on Monday, 09 Jul 2007 03:07 UTC

Monday, 09 Aug 2004

4.1.1 API documentation posted

I posted the 4.1.1 API documentation.


posted on Monday, 09 Aug 2004 14:22 UTC

Monday, 24 May 2004

Lyntin 4.1.1

It's a bugfix release. Available from Lyntin sourceforge page.

-- glasssnake

posted on Monday, 24 May 2004 15:28 UTC

Thursday, 20 May 2004

Lyntin 4.1

At last, the release! Mainly it is the same as the 4.1 snapshot, with just minor fixes.

Download it, as usual, from Lyntin sourceforge page.

-- glasssnake

posted on Thursday, 20 May 2004 13:50 UTC

Thursday, 06 May 2004

New maintainer!

I need to cut back on some of the projects I'm working on and can't really give Lyntin the attention it needs to keep growing. On top of that, I'm not entirely sure I'm the right guy to take Lyntin to the next level in any case. For those reasons, I decided the project needs a new maintainer and I am now passing the maintainership to Eugene.

Lyntin has come a long way since Lyn handed it off to me in 1999. I have a lot of people to thank for that: James, Josh, Eugene, Brazen, Lyn, Sebastian, Brian, William, George, Conan, Malachi, Glassnake, Brian, Josh, and other folks who have used Lyntin, reported bugs, sent in patches, and all sorts of other things.

Even though I'm stepping down as maintainer, I plan to hang out on the mailing list for a while to help with the hand off and also as a regular developer sort of like what Josh does these days--lurk and comment on occasion. Eugene is the decision maker, I defer all decisions to him. As far as I'm concerned, I'm passing him a clean slate. He can take Lyntin in whatever direction he thinks is best.

Without further ado, join with me in welcoming Eugene as the new maintainer!


posted on Thursday, 06 May 2004 15:08 UTC

Thursday, 29 Apr 2004

Lyntin 4.1 snapshot

A lot of changes have happened since November when 4.0 was released so I decided to release a snapshot of 4.1. There might be some more changes going into 4.1, but maybe not. It depends on how motivated I get and whether people discover bugs with the snapshot.

Changes since 4.0 (this list isn't comprehensive--but pretty close):

  • fixed logs of bugs:
    • fixed bug with datadir and automatic loading of .lyntinrc file
    • fixed bug with logger in prompt detection mode
    • fixed onetime actions
    • 18n fix for input encoding in tkui
    • fixed regex action trigger escaping
    • fixed #unload so it removes the module from our list of imported modules
    • fixed script
    • fixed #read to ignore blank lines in command files (use #cr if you want to send a carriage return)
    • fixed user interfaces so they can be anywhere on sys.path
  • fixed overuse of get_engine()
  • added a new cursesui
  • added tab completion to tk and curses user interfaces
  • optimized usage of filter_mapper style hooks
  • overhauled most of the managers removing unused methods/functions, simplifying the code, and making some fixes
  • moved variable storage from the VariableData objects to the Session object
  • adjusted global variables so they can be removed using the #unvariable command
  • enhanced the #@ command to behave more like the python interpreter command line

Pick up the snapshot and give it a spin and let us know on lyntin-devl how things went.

Download the snapshot here (

posted on Thursday, 29 Apr 2004 21:53 UTC

Thursday, 22 Apr 2004

Status of Lyntin 4/21/2004

The mailing list has been wild over the last few weeks. We've fixed bugs, optimized code, refactored variable storage, enhanced the python_cmd, experimented with re-writing the net module, and moved ahead with other initiatives that will make Lyntin easier to use and program for.

The wiki has seen a lot of changes as well. We've moved the FAQ over and started documenting other aspects that hadn't really been documented before.

I think we've finished most of what's going into 4.1 and there should be a release candidate out in the next week or so. After some time, we'll put out a full release. Details pending.

That's about it. Rock on!

posted on Thursday, 22 Apr 2004 03:20 UTC

Sunday, 04 Apr 2004

Status of Lyntin 4/4/2004

It's been pretty active on the mailing list as we work out the concepts and principles that will form the basis for Lyntin 5.0. It's likely that Lyntin will change very greatly for 5.0 as we continue to shed our Tintin heritage and continue to evolve into a more sophisticated and leaner programming environment.

I tossed us on because the SF mailing list archives are kind of terrible and non-useful. New archives are now posted here (

We're working on optimization work and some minor under-the-engine work for Lyntin 4.1. The work is going very well--I expect a release at the end of April or beginning of May depending on how much free time I get.

Lyntin 5.0 is still just a twinkle in our eyes--it's not clear how much will get re-written and changed and thus there's no scheduled release date for 5.0 yet. My first-blush guess is not until the end of the year (I'm a big fan of releases every 6 months or thereabouts).

That's about it. Rock on!

posted on Sunday, 04 Apr 2004 18:59 UTC

Thursday, 11 Mar 2004

Minor changes to the site over the next few days

I'm making some minor changes to the web-site over the next few days with the following foci:

  • Making navigation of the site easier for people new to Lyntin
  • Adding a wiki so that knowledge can be collected and organized in a centralized location

So things will be changing over the next few days and links may be broken and all that jazz. Getting there.

If you want to add stuff to the wiki, be my guest.

There's a new wishlist page which is really just the roadmap we used to have. The items on the old roadmap are now items folks would like to see in Lyntin, but aren't there yet. If you're interested in working on any of them, let me know.

posted on Thursday, 11 Mar 2004 23:59 UTC

Lyntin banner

If you really want to advertise Lyntin, feel free to use the following code:

   <a href=""><img 

That brings up this:

   Lyntin mini