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Package lyntin

Lyntin is an open-source mud client framework written in Python which allows for additional functionality to be written in Python as Lyntin modules.
  • ansi: This holds a series of classes and functions for helping to manipulate ANSI color codes.
  • argparser: This provides the ArgumentParser class which parses command arguments automatically into a dictionary as well as a series of Parser classes which handle single arguments and TypeCheckers which handle validating user input values and converting them into other types (string -> int...).
  • commandmanager: Lyntin comes with a series of commands for manipulating aliases, actions, highlights, and various other things.
  • config: This module holds the configuration manager as well as a series of configuration type classes.
  • constants: Holds constants which will get used through the code-base as well as in various Lyntin modules.
  • engine: This holds the engine which both contains most of the other objects that do work in Lyntin as well as encapsulates the event queue, event handling methods, and some of the other singleton managers such as the HelpManager and the CommandManager.
  • event: Holds the event structures in Lyntin.
  • exported: This is the API for lyntin internals and is guaranteed to change very rarely even though we might change Lyntin's internals.
  • helpmanager: Lyntin has a comprehensive help system that can be accessed in-game through the "#help" command.
  • history: The HistoryManager keeps track of the last 1000 lines of user input history.
  • manager: Managers manage things.
  • net: This holds the SocketCommunicator class which handles socket connections with a mud and polling the connection for data.
  • session: Holds the functionality involved in sessions.
  • ui: This is the ui package.
    • base: Holds the base ui class for Lyntin as well as the get_ui function
    • message: Holds the ui's Message class.
  • utils: This has a series of utility functions that aren't related to classes in the application, but are useful in a variety of places.

Variable Summary
str __author__ = 'Will Guaraldi <willhelm@users.sourceforge....
str __copyright__ = '(C) 2003, 2004 FSF'
str __license__ = 'GPL'
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str __version__ = '4.1.1'

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'Will Guaraldi <>'                       


'(C) 2003, 2004 FSF'                                                   







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