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Module lyntin.event

Holds the event structures in Lyntin. All events inherit from Event. This is pretty standard, nothing really exciting here. Each event class implements the execute function which gets called by the event handler thread when it pulls the event object off the event queue. You can use the __init__ function to initialize your event as it is not used in the base Event class.

  Raw data that comes from the mud goes through this hook before
  passing through the engine to be handled.

  Arg mapping: { "session": Session, "data": string }

  session - the Session this data belongs to

  data - the raw data that was sent from the mud

Event This is the basic Event class.
InputEvent A user input event is created whenever the user types something into their ui and it creates a user event from it.
MudEvent A mud event is when the connected mud sends data to us.
OutputEvent Sometimes it's necessary to put data that's going to the ui into an event so that it is displayed in the correct order.
ShutdownEvent This calls sys.exit(0) which will trigger the Python atexit stuff.
SpamEvent Certain things can kick off a call to spam a hook.

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