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Module lyntin.helpmanager

Lyntin has a comprehensive help system that can be accessed in-game through the "#help" command. The help material is all organized and manipulated by the "HelpManager". Help is organized as topics which exist in a hierarchy of categories and it comes from a couple of sources:
  1. dynamically loaded at Lyntin startup from files located in the help subdirectory and ending with .tpc extension
  2. when commands are registered via the exported.add_command function
  3. by any module using the exported.add_help function

It's interesting to note that the README and COMMANDS files are generated entirely of in-game help topics using a template script file and my personal home-brew #exporthelp command.

The help manager holds a hierarchy of help files indexed by category. It also houses a series of methods for adding new help text, parsing help file text, and also exporting help content into some format which then can be converted to a variety of other formats: HTML, XML, JoesMagicTextMarkup, ...
HelpManager The HelpManager exists on the engine scoping--there is only one per Lyntin instance.

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