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Welcome to the Lyntin code repository! This is a collection of user interfaces and modules that enhance Lyntin with additional features. These are primarily created by and maintained by users of Lyntin. Use these modules both to add functionality that you want in your mudclient as well as a series of examples on how to add functionality that no one has written yet. It also includes tutorials, howto's and code snippets written by the Lyntin community.

Note: All contents of the repository are the property of their authors. Use them at your own risk. It's probably a very good idea to read through the module before using it. Licenses and all that are also on a module by module basis.

How to get added to the listing or update an existing listing

Send an email to lyntin-devl at lists dot sourceforge dot net with the name of the module, author, version, download url and a description of what the module does.

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