Lyntin wishlist

This is a loose wishlist (that should get moved to the wiki). It used to be the "roadmap", but then it was never really much of a roadmap.

current Lyntin development tasks and ongoing initiatives

feature                                                    status
---------------------------------------------------------- -----------------
switch over to new configuration system                    in progress
   Also the following should be added when we get a configuration
   system in place:

     tkui: CommandEntry.saveinputhighlight = 0 (whether to act like zmud) (DONE)
     tkui: font and fontsize
     tkui: configurable height of input area
     commands: command split character (empty string if they don't want one?)
     history: behavior change involving duplicate entry handling
     databuffer: size of the databuffer

investigate action triggering                              not started
   Having 200 actions really really slows Lyntin down.

   Any help on this front is _greatly_ appreciated.

fix codebase removing cyclical imports                     in progress
   There's some funky stuff going on due to poor design on
   my part.  All the modules import exported which then
   wants to import the engine which then imports all the
   modules.  It's not really "all", but I think my point is

   I'm not really sure what to do to clean this up yet.

   This is somewhat complicated since internal Lyntin code uses
   the exported module which then uses internal Lyntin code.
   The engine should be a singleton.  I think when I'm
   instantiating internal Lyntin objects (CommandManager, 
   ConfigManager, ...) I may start passing in the engine so
   everyone has a reference to it.  This will reduce calls
   to exported.get_engine() and its ilk as well so there's
   some performance goodness here too.

fix codebase for distutils support                         in progress
   Lyntin now uses distutils for packaging and installation.
   We have a Windows installer as well as a Linux tarball.

   It'd be cool if the Windows installer could generate a shortcut
   on the user's desktop or copy the runlyntin.pyw script to the
   user's desktop.  Any help on this would be great.

gag/subs overhaul                                          in progress
   Originally they were separate modules, but then I merged
   them.  Now that we started looking into implementing antisubs
   antigags and regular expression usage, it makes sense to
   split them up again.

   They're now split, but need to be overhauled for regular 
   expression usage and whatever other things we want to

   (update: gags are "done")

switch commands to use compile_regexp                      in progress
   This sort of goes hand in hand with handling placement
   variables and wildcard characters in substitutes, gags,
   highlights, and aliases.

   Update 10/04/2003:
     - highlights
     - actions
     - gags
   To be done:
     - aliases
     - substitutes
     - other stuff?

factor in MCCP                                             in progress
   I'm still sitting on a patch to the 3.3 codebase that 
   implements MCCP in Lyntin.  I have to figure out how to
   implement this in the 4.0 codebase and whether I should
   implement it in the 4.0 codebase (I think I should).

add handling for telnet LINEMODE option                    not started
   If someone wants to tackle this, let me know.

add handling for xterm colors                              not started
   If someone wants to tackle this, let me know.

curses ui                                                  in progress
   Since I added readline support to the textui, fewer people
   are interested in a curses ui.  However, I do think it's something
   we'll want eventually.  I have a partially-coded non-functional
   cursesui that needs an overhaul.  If someone who is knowledgable
   in curses programming wants to fix it up, let me know.

     * separated input and output
     * scrollback history (like the tkui)
     * function key support?
     * status bar?
     * named windows?

   Work is being done on this by Eugene.  Check out the Lyntin
   code repository for his progress.

wxPython ui                                                not started
   There's been some call for a more user-friendly ui.  I have
   no intentions on working on this at the moment, though, as
   my priorities are elsewhere.  However, there seems to be a
   want for it and I'm willing to help out whoever wants to take
   on this task.  Let us know on the lyntin-devl list.

   Work is being done on this by Brian.  Check out the Lyntin
   code repository for his progress.

test cases                                                 ongoing
   We still need a lot more test case scripts for regression
   testing Lyntin.

documentation/tutorials                                    ongoing
   There's always a need for more documentation and tutorials.